Twelve Watch Winder | Boxy Brushless DC Motor B Series Leather Wood Twelve Watch Winder

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BOXY Watch Winder
28.00 LBS

Anyone who is an avid watch collector or wanting to become one and is looking for the best watch winder for the money they should consider the large watch winder manufactured by BOXY. This automatic watch winder can be used for both showcasing and storage of a watch collection. 

One of the most popular watch winders is the BOXY 12 Watch Winder. It is designed to store and wind 12 automatic watches at a time.  

  • Elegant leather finish
  • The included USB cable works with any Adapter or Power bank with output voltage: 3.3V-5V.
  • Individual watch mounts.
  • Innovative BOXY BLDC Motor designed for storage/use in quiet places.
    • Reliable
    • Power-Saving
    • Long lifespan
    • Ultra Silent
  • LED Light Inside with Touch Switch
  • The watch storage is dust-proof with the glass door design for home and office.
  • Rotation Settings include: clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional.
  • Watches don't return to their upright position when the rotation cycle completes.
  • Turns Per Day (TPD) options are 650, 950, 1250, or 2500 revolutions.  
  • Dimensions: L 16.75” x W 7” x H 16.25” inches.


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