How BIG is your automatic watch collection?

Posted by Jon on 16th Dec 2017

Two of the biggest challenges that a connoisseur of automatic watches faces is "how to keep them running all the time" and "how can I possibly buy a watch winder unit big enough to keep my collection running when I don't know how many automatic watches I will own?"

In my opinion the BOXY Fancy Brick Winder is the best single automatic watch winder for the watch connoisseur. Why? It differs from other watch winders because a watch collector doesn’t have to purchase all 12 units at once – he (or she) can add watch winders as he they build out their automatic watch collection. One of the patented powered expansion pads can power up to 6 or 12 automatic watches at a time from a single AC adapter. These units come in a number of classic or bright colors, has up to 16 programmable settings and are very affordable.

Don’t take our word for it!  A recent conversation with a new automatic watch collector highlights why the BOXY Fancy Brick Winder series is so valuable.  The conversation with Nick from Canada was “If this is your first BOXY Winder you will need one with an adapter. Afterwards purchase an expansion pad and you can power up to 6 or 12 winders with a single adapter.”  Nick’s response was “Yes this is my first. Only have one auto watch. Exactly why I want these so I can add them as I get more watches.”

Don’t let the size of your watch winder limit the number of automatic watches in your collection!

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