Another lengthy review of the BOXY Fancy Brick Winder

Posted by Jon on 4th May 2019

When I have the chance, I always ask my customers what they like about the BOXY Fancy Brick Winder.  The below review sums up what I am being consistently told about the units.  

"I was quite impressed with the aesthetic and features of the winder. The amount of different winding setting options available to configure is far more than any winder system I have ever experienced or tested. The pillows are a great fit to my watches, a problem usually for smaller wrist individuals, but not for your pillows as they are perfectly sized for my 6.75 inch wrist. People with larger wrists have no issues with most pillows from other brands, but people like me do since smaller pillows are usually not offered.

The aesthetics is quite nice. Simple design, but quite elegant. It not only serves as a good winder at the moment, but it also quite fitting with any modern day furniture. It looks fantastic on a office desk with its design. The touch sensitive power button is quite nice as well. I can always tell when its on due to the light indicator.

Lastly, the innovation of being able to stack the winders, power them up with the power base is quite impressive. It really allows me to customize how the winders are arranged. This is a huge plus. Stacking the winders is quite nice since they can be arranged in different positions, whether directly on top of each other or in between two winders. If there was a 3rd winder included, I would have shown the triangular stacking ability these winders have.

I quite like how the winders as a whole is not limited to a certain number of winders. For instance, many two system winders are fixed to be two winders only. You have no other option to increase the system as a whole. However with these winders, you can always upgrade your collection / number of winders. Thus, I feel no burden of purchasing this winder since I know I can always have more time to upgrade another winder down the road. Its a system that can always increase in number without any issue."

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